The Department to serve as a focal point for driving all change, Reform, innovation and improvement efforts within the Ministry in line with the overall framework set by BPSR, OHCSF and other Central Agencies of Government.


The Department is made up of two Divisions:

  • Reforms Coordination
  • SERVICOM Division
  • Innovation Division


  • Coordinate, drive monitor and report on the Reform Agenda for the Ministry;
  • Troubleshoot service failures and develop proposals to address them;
  • Research and identify good practices that can be adopted/adapted to improve service delivery in the Ministry;
  • Liaise with the Ministry’s Departments and the OHCSF to develop, refine, improve and recommend more efficient processes and systems for the Ministry to achieve its objectives
  • Develop and launch initiatives to drive and mainstream a continuous service improvement culture within the Ministry;
  • Develop and deploy change management tools and practices to institute sustainable improvement in the Ministry;
  • Assist the Leadership of the Ministry to articulate and coordinate their change agenda in line with service policies and standards; and
  • Manage and drive SERVICOM aims and initiatives within the Ministry.



Frontline Desk

Organize annual best staff award

Entrepreneurship skill development programme for FMARD staff

Organize retreat for Minister’s aide


  1. Lack of office accommodation; and
  2. Lack of office furniture and equipment


The on-going and outstanding activities are as follows:

5.1     Productivity Award:

The Department successfully conducted the 2016 Best Staff Award on 17th May, 2018, in the Ministry which was the maiden edition. This was done in conjunction with the Ministerial SERVICOM Committee (MSC). The preparation for the 2018 productivity award is on-going.

5.2     Citizen’s Comment Card

The Permanent Secretary has approved the conduct of Citizen’s Comment Card which will be administered to all visiting customers’/clients to the Ministry. The Comment Card is a structured questionnaire seeking to obtain verifiable information from customers about Service delivery currently offered in the Ministry in line with SERVICOM guiding principles. The Department is presently Collaborating with General Service Department in carrying out this exercise through Front Desk Officers\Securities in all reception areas. It is expected that views so obtained will help the FMARD to address areas of service failure and improve further on service delivery to the Citizens.

5.3     Review of FMARD Service Charter

The Department in conjunction with the Ministerial SERVICOM Committee had painstakingly reviewed the current Service Charter of the Ministry, which was approved by the Management, but due to paucity of funds, the document is yet to be published and launched.

Others include:

  1. Opening of SERVICOM Office (MSU) in Agencies and Parastatals of FMARD;
  2. Resuscitation of frontline Desk;
  • Liaising with SERVICOM headquarters and attending meetings;
  1. Liaising with Bureau of Public Service Reforms; and
  2. Sensitization of staff of the Ministry geared towards better service delivery.