The Department and its various entities deliver the following services:

  1.       Coordinates, drives, monitors and reports on reform agenda for the ministry;
  2.        Manages and drives servicom aims and initiatives within the ministry;
  3.        Troubleshoots service failures and developes proposals to address them;
  4.        Researches and identifies good practices that can be adopted/adapted to improve service delivery in the ministry;
  5.        Liaises with the ministry’s departments and the ohcsf to develop, refine, improve and recommend more efficient processes and systems for the ministry to achieve its objectives;
  6.        Develops and launch initiatives to drive and mainstream continuous service improvement culture within the ministry;
  7.        Develops and deploys change management tools and practices to institute sustainable improvements in the ministry;
  8.        Assists the leadership of the ministry to articulate and coordinate their change agenda in line with service policies and standards.


Activities of the divisions:

Reform coordination

In line with the agricultural policies of the fmard which include but not limited to:

·        Increasing food and nutritional security;

·        Increasing rural income growth;

·        Improving agricultural export earnings;

·        Reduce food import dependency;

·        Provision of policy regulatory administrative services.


Development platform/impact assessment of ata:

·        Merits of ges on the impact of farmers;

·        Tangible ways ges/ata made in the lives of farmers;

  • Noting that reforms/changes are actually in place and not figures on papers;
  • Impact assessment of ges: economically, socially, etc. Revalidate the statement: “ges is working”
  • Show evidence of revival in the rural areas as a result of ges intervention using the: *participatory rural appraisal (pra) techniques*
  • Evolve framework to document the impact of ges
  • Evidence of success stories from the field;
  • Equip the secretariat with up-to-date facilities and equipment;


– Participated in a 3-day national retreat on ethics, transparency and fraud prevention- 22nd -24th september, 2014;

– The servicom division organized a workshop on “clerical staff performance improvement” for 50 clerks of the ministry on sgl 01-07 on 23rd october, 2014 at hamonia hotel, area 11; garki, abuja; conducted by dugab internaional ltd.;

– It also conducted a sensitization exercise for 36 servicom unit desk officers in the ministry’s state offices in the six geo-political zones in december, 2014;

– The division equally attended a meeting involving representatives of fepar and servicom office on the implementation of the citizen mark in respect of the ges scheme held on thursday, 12th february, 2015 in the office of the director, farm input services and submitted a report on same;

– Presently serving as the secretariat of the ministry’s adhoc committee on relief support to internally displaced persons (idps) in the north eastern states of Nigeria.